About CrossCore®

Pull the Pin® and experience the evolution of suspended bodyweight training.


CrossCore® is a suspended bodyweight training system that engages the entire body with highly effective functional training techniques and programs with Rotational Bodyweight Training (RBT)™.


The patented design of the CrossCore180® and War Machine®, along with accessories, racks and mounting solutions, provide individuals and professionals with an affordable, portable and durable training system.


CrossCore is also the only suspended bodyweight training system that allows you to use a variety of accessories for integrated workouts, such as kettlebells, dumbbells, sand bags, bars and resistance bands.

Take the Challenge — Pull the Pin®

Our patented pulley system allows you to rotate and add a level of instability. The pin in the pulley is what makes CrossCore a system that you can’t outgrow; you can perform countless exercises to target a single muscle or muscle group with integrated movements.


Change the resistance by changing the angle of your body—you’ll discover muscles you never knew you had!

The History of CrossCore®: A New Turn in Training

We first invented the War Machine and developed Rotational Bodyweight Training, or CrossCore RBT™, with martial arts athletes and United States military personnel in mind so they could train consistently no matter the terrain or weather. In fact, the name War Machine came to us from US soldiers who were beta-testing the product while deployed in Iraq.


CrossCore180 was introduced soon thereafter to cater to a much more diverse population—fitness enthusiasts, amateur and professional athletes, the military, the aging population and people with disabilities—to safely challenge them and actively grow their fitness goals.


CrossCore units are commercial grade products that can be introduced to any training environment such as large fitness facilities, private studios, rehabilitation centers and home gyms. Each CrossCore unit is made with quality, commercial and mountaineering grade components that hold up to the most rigorous workouts. They are versatile and flexible to accommodate all sizes and a variety of training demands. Our handles adjust to the user, not just one size, and they detach to allow for integration of other functional accessories like kettlebells, sandbags, bars and resistance bands. The adjustable anchor strap can attach to any safe anchor point, such as pull-up bars, racks, wood beams, trees—just about anything stable from 7' to 11' high. Since it’s portable, you can achieve an intense, full-body workout anywhere you can safely find an anchor point.


The Future of CrossCore®: Elites Know the Power of Functional Fitness

From our early adopters in the military and in key sectors of the fitness community, word about the effectiveness of CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight Training quickly spread.


CrossCore is now found in over 45 countries and is used by firefighters and other first responders, police SWAT teams, elite and college level athletes, mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters, celebrities, high intensity interval training enthusiasts, high school athletes, grandmothers, new mothers, fitness enthusiasts—and the list keeps growing.


Find out more about how to become a CrossCore® RBT™ Instructor.

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