The CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ program, or CrossCore® RBT™, is the evolution of suspended bodyweight training. CrossCore® is more than just suspended bodyweight training, and where the competition ends, CrossCore begins! Rotation is necessary in activities of daily living as well as sports performance. Rotational movement plays a crucial role in properly strengthening the core and preventing injury. CrossCore RBT allows users to incorporate both linear and rotational movement while suspended. It allows for every standard suspended bodyweight exercise of other products, while also allowing for greater multi-planar movement and instability. CrossCore is truly the most effective suspended bodyweight training program on the market today. So, go ahead and experience it—Pull the Pin™!

Official CrossCore® Training Facilities
An "Official CrossCore Training Facility" is a fitness club, gym, studio or other fitness oriented location where CrossCore RBT Courses, CrossCore Workshops, and CrossCore classes are offered on both a private and public basis. During these events, CrossCore trained personnel will lead innovative sessions. Our goal is to empower official CrossCore facilities with the best equipment, instructor education, and resources so that you can offer your members the best bodyweight and functional training experience available today.

Become a Facility
To become an Official CrossCore Facility, you’ll need to have CrossCore equipment, and have CrossCore trained fitness professionals providing instruction to your Members. When you become an official CrossCore facility, you are allowed to use the family of CrossCore marks and trademarks to promote your suspended bodyweight training program on your website, signage, class schedule, marketing collateral, and more.

The CrossCore180® is the perfect training tool for personal trainers, coaches, athletes, group fitness instructors and rehabilitation. This suspended bodyweight training system adds rotation to any bodyweight training routine, allowing health and fitness professionals the opportunity to create individualized programs.

About CrossCore® Education
The CrossCore RBT Basic Essentials Instructor Training is the first step in the CrossCore RBT education program, and to keep your fitness team motivated and on top of industry science and trends we also offer continuing education workshops.

Host a Training
Hosting a CrossCore® RBT™ instructor training or workshop is a convenient way to educate your fitness staff on how to teach and train clients using the CrossCore180®. It's also a terrific recruitment tool for finding new instructors from your community. CrossCore® RBT™ workshops offer CEUs/CECs from NSCA, NASM, ACE, NESTA, ISSA, Fitness Australia and more.

Marketing Support
Official CrossCore Training Facilities are provided with the ability to use the family of CrossCore marks and trademarks in their local promotions of CrossCore class schedules and hosted instructor trainings. You'll be set up for success with marketing support materials including online banners, logos, wall posters, window clings, customizable paper and electronic flyers and postcards.

CrossCore® Facility FAQ
Have more questions? Visit CrossCore® Facility FAQ and learn how to become an Official CrossCore® Facility and offer the CrossCore program.

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