CrossCore® Facility FAQ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions please contact us.

How can my facility become an Official CrossCore® Facility?
Facilities must have CrossCore180® systems, utilize certified CrossCore® Instructors and sign our facility agreement (Adobe PDF) to be designated an Official CrossCore® Facility. Click here for more information on these three – free simple steps.

What is the fee to become an Official CrossCore® Facility?
There are no licensing fees associated with becoming an Official CrossCore® Facility.

What are the typical demographics of CrossCore class participants?
The CrossCore® program appeals to all ages and fitness levels. Because of CrossCore’s patented locking and unlocking pulley system, each user can safely challenge themselves to their own fitness level. We believe in the philosophy of regressing to progress. By using your own bodyweight and angles you choose for yourself, you can steadily and safely push yourself within your own limits. CrossCore’s ability to remove its handles allows you to create versatility in your workouts by adding other functional tools like Kettlebells, sandbags, bars, and stretch bands. And combine any or all of this with cardio intervals like Spinning® and you will know a great workout when done!

What kind of room or space is needed to conduct CrossCore classes?
CrossCore® can be used in almost any space (indoors or outdoors) where you can safely and securely attach the CrossCore180® unit. Each CrossCore® user requires a 4’ (W) x 8’ (L) space.

How can the CrossCore® RBT™ program help generate profit?
The newness and availability of CrossCore® RBT classes shows a commitment to excellence in group and small group exercise programming and is a strong selling point for potential members. Cutting edge programs like CrossCore® RBT are also drivers for member retention and word of mouth referrals. Some Official CrossCore® Facilities choose to charge on a per-class or supplemental membership fee, which can pay for the entire program in very short period of time.

Additionally, clubs can boost profits by participating in our Official CrossCore® Facility program by receiving discounts on future product purchases and receive rewards for hosting instructor trainings.

Finally, our online Facility Finder and Class pass tools help you attract new members by directing individuals who are interested in the CrossCore® RBT™ program to your club.

Is it necessary to offer different levels of CrossCore RBT classes?
CrossCore RBT is individually paced, non-competitive, individual and group training designed for all ages and fitness levels. By using CrossCore’s patented locking and unlocking pulley system, each user’s own bodyweight, at each user’s own selected body angles, they set the challenge for themselves.

Instructors are taught how to coach new students and help them achieve a fun, safe, and rewarding workout. Different clubs have different demographics throughout each day, so your club can customize workouts to the demos, and can classes with a mixture of participant types. Bodyweight and body angles along with the ability to control pulley movement yields results for everyone.

Who is Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.?
Founded in 1994, Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. is the largest equipment based education company worldwide. It is the home of Spinning®, Peak Pilates®, CrossCore®, Bodyblade®, Ugi®, Resist-A-Ball®, and Kettlebell Concepts™.

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